Halo’s future will be revealed at E3 2014, “great plan in place” says Spencer

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Which Halo game will we be getting on Xbox One in 2014?

When Microsoft’s Rob Semsey assured Halo fans that our “next Halo journey will begin in 2014,” it was taken as given that the PR manager was referring to the Halo game that was revealed at E3 2013 – not necessarily Halo 5, but definitely the next all-new entry to the series.

That assumption was soon put to the test when a mysterious tipster sent out a flurry of supposed Microsoft secrets, not least of which was the existence of Halo 2: Anniversary Edition, a high-definition remake of Halo 2, due out on November 11th, 2014 on Xbox One. Included with this version of Halo 2, the rumour continued, would be an entry to the beta test for the next new Halo in 2015.

At the time, speculation ran rife and the rumour was regarded as just that, before it was seemingly confirmed by Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes who mentioned Halo 2: Anniversary Edition in an interview.

So… which Halo game will we be getting on Xbox One in 2014?

“Hey @xboxp3 what’s up with the next Halo?”

While it’s now unclear which Halo Semsey was referring to when promising a new Halo journey this year, a Twitter user decided to try and get an answer from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who replied:

Not entirely helpful, but it does (to a certain degree) allude to the fact that there is more than one Halo game in production, or at the very least a single Halo game in development with a content plan surrounding it.

What else will Microsoft have in store for E3? Spencer tweeted:

It’s clear that we’re getting at least one Halo game on Xbox One, but playing with assumptions is a dangerous game on Microsoft’s part: If a company official makes a statement and lets fans jump to conclusions without tempering expectations, then those assumptions are on the company. Rabid fans will be rabid fans, after all, and letting those rabid fans down is just as dangerous.

We’re looking forward to hearing 343 Industries’ plan for Halo at E3 2014, but we do hope Microsoft clears up the confusion over which Halo we’ll be getting this year, and soon.

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