El33t’s Question of the Day: Which cancelled game projects would you most like to see?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

With the official confirmation that an undetermined (yet seemingly large) portion of Sony’s talented Santa Monica Studio have been let go, former employees at the God of War developer has begun to talk about some of the projects that were in production, the most interesting of which (that has reportedly been cancelled) was a supposedly sci-fi, third-person open-world action game, which insiders say looked very promising and was due for a reveal last year.

Unfortunately we’ll never see the project in its entirety, but leaks do happen so we might just see a few glimpses of it here and there.

Which game projects that have been cancelled over the years would you most like to see and play, even if they’re in an incomplete state?

For me, it would be Brutal Legend 2 which Double Fine had already begun work on. EA, however, didn’t pick up the game which catapulted the San Francisco-based studio onto an entirely different strategy for game development and ultimately ended up benefiting them. Star Wars 1313 is a close second for a game I would still like to play.