El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Marching to the beat of a new month

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This Friday may seem like any other, but it just so happens to be the very last day of February before we step into a fresh new edition of March tomorrow! It’s once again a big weekend for South African sport, too, but just as big for gaming with a collection of the latest titles releasing today to keep us busy over the next two days.

What will you be spending your time on this weekend, everybody? Games, sport watching, relaxing? All three? Find out what members of El33tonline have planned for the next two days and let us know about the games and activities that will be keeping you busy soon.

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“This weekend I’ll be taking it easy watching the third and deciding Test Match between South Africa and Australia, and playing some Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on my typically neglected Xbox 360.

I’m also really enjoying Resogun and like the fact that Trophy unlocks seem very commonplace in this twin-stick shooter. So I’m sure I’ll also be showing my PS4 some love over the break.

Practically every time I go for a walk in my neighbourhood on the weekends I smell someone’s braai meat sizzling on the grill so I think it’s high time I took a trip to the butchery and got myself a steak or two to put over the coals!

Take it easy p33ps!”

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“XCOM: Enemy Within has just arrived from Kalahari so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to be spending a bit of time on tonight.

I am also currently enjoying Skyrim and Darksiders which I bought through the Xbox sale so, in terms of gaming, I am covered. BF4 tonight may be interesting because my Squad Leader and Medic (aka Erick and Katja) have brought a new future gamer into the world so they might be MIA for a while.

When I am not gaming I’ll be spending some QT with the future super heroes and I am also bowling in the KZN Singles at Galleria on Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to that but that is quite a lot of bowling for this old body of mine.

Anyway – hope you all have fantastic weekends and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. ”



“Alas and alack, it’s the last weekend of February and also the first weekend of March.

That means it’s my birthday month, which means epic co-op action and loads of me-time.

I’m probably going to be spending this weekend alternating between babysitting, server installations, and Fable Anniversary – hopefully some gym, some watching of cricket, and some watching of rugby too! Have to fend off that Christmas belly but I fear the birthday month followed by Easter month will put paid to those efforts…”



“This w33kend is going to be a busy one. This evening when I get home I will be jamming some Battlefield 4. Well, like you didn’t see that coming. I also need to prepare myself for the Second Assault DLC that releases next week for non-Premium members.

Saturday I will be doing some work around the house and playing some games. Then in the evening I am going to be help out at a fund-raiser.

Sunday will be all relaxed with some gaming and some movie watching and family time. Maybe I need to test out the new oven and hob I installed by making some koeksisters… [Did someone say the magic word?! – Ed] But will see how it goes.

Have a good w33kend every one and enjoy every second. O and prepare for the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 that is releasing 4th of March. Can’t wait.”



“With Thief and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 in my hands, cricket in my head, and friends in my heart, I’m anticipating that this weekend will be very full indeed with not a moment left to languish.

I hope everybody has a greet weekend with plenty of time to relax and catch up with special p33ps – enjoy it!”


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