The Order: 1886 gets new uninterrupted gameplay video showcasing luscious visuals

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Months of patient waiting for our first snippets of in-game footage from The Order: 1886 were rewarded recently when developer Ready at Dawn unleashed a torrent of images both of the ‘moving’ and ‘still’ variety to better showcase the studio’s PlayStation-exclusive third-person action adventure game.


What we saw was jaw-dropping, so if you missed the whirlwind you can catch the debut gameplay trailer (along with developer interviews) and the latest batch of screenshots for the game to catch a glimpse of the future of videogame visuals

More recently, however, we’ve been able to enjoy a second serving of gameplay sliced from the exciting title, this time all in one uninterrupted stream of video with audio in place, too. Don’t miss it:

The Order 1886 – Gameplay Video

Are you convinced that it’ll be worth getting a PlayStation 4 this year for The Order: 1886 alone, or do you need more exclusive games to warrant a purchase?

Peer through El33tonline’s past and continued coverage of The Order: 1886 for more screenshots, a behind-closed-doors report, a technology video and more details.

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