Space Wars: Titanfall’s Xbox One install is not 40GB

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When the announcement of a price-reduced Xbox One was made for the UK, accompanied by the formal reveal of the Titanfall Xbox One bundle, it became apparent that Respawn Entertainment’s debut action title would require up to 40GB of hard drive space, which means a not inconsiderable download for those taking advantage of the offer seeing as how the bundles would include a code for the game, as opposed to a physical disc.

The 40GB number was revealed as part of the bundle announcements by Microsoft proper, but Respawn has recently confirmed that Titanfall would only be 20GB on Xbox One – here’s the tweet revealing the corrected detail:

That’s a bit of a relief for anyone that chooses to download the game on launch, because depending on the internet speeds available in your country, it would have taken a day or two before you’re able to join the action… unless, of course, Microsoft allowed a pre-load period so you could join as soon as the game was out.

Titanfall is out on Xbox One and PC on March 11th in North America, March 13th in Europe and March 14th in the UK. The Xbox 360 version is out on March 25th in North America, and March 28th in the UK and Europe following a delay.

The previously announced collector’s edition recently got a glorious unboxing video to showcase its contents – take a look over here.

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