There are “a lot of possibilities” for a Thief sequel, says Eidos Montreal

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The latest game to emerge from the depths of developer Eidos Montreal arrives today in stores across North America and later this week in Europe and other regions, but Eidos Montreal’s Nick Cantin says that there’s already a lot of scope for a sequel to 2014’s Thief. Speaking to OXM ahead of the game’s launch, Cantin said:

“We’ve built a really big universe around the first game, and there’s a lot of layers to it – the world is really deep. So there’s a lot of possibilities to jump on.”

Thief’s lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt is “very keen to see how people respond to the game,” but nothing has yet been announced regarding a sequel to Thief.

Review scores for Thief have so far settled at about an average of 70 percent on all platforms – not a bad score by any means, but it might give Square Enix pause before greenlighting production on another game in the series any time soon.

Do you think we’ll see news of a new Thief game in the year following the reboot here in 2014? Regardless of critical reception, sales of Thief may just dictate whether or not Eidos Montreal is given another chance at the series.

Source: OXM

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