South Park: The Stick of Truth to be censored in Europe, the UK and related regions

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Ubisoft has decided to censor and remove at least seven scenes originally included in South Park: The Stick of Truth before it appears on store shelves in early March.

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Countries affected by the censorship include those in the European, Middle-East and African regions, with similar changes made to the Australian version of The Stick of Truth. According to VG247, the UK is also affected and is “purely a marketing decision.” Despite the changes, the game has still received an ’18’ age rating.

According to a document sent to relating to the review of the game, “Seven scenes of about 20 seconds each are censored in the EMEA console versions of South Park: The Stick of Truth.” The scenes affected include:

– A mini-game where a doctor is performing an abortion on the player.
– A mini-game where the player is performing an abortion on the character Randy.
– Five ‘anal probing’ scenes in which characters are ‘actively’ being probed.

The game will also receive a Day One Patch, the notes for which can be seen in the full document below (click to enlarge):


Are South Park: The Stick of Truth players better off not having to play through what sound like rather ghastly scenes to begin with? I’m personally happier without them included. What about you?

The game it out on March 4th in North America and March 7th everywhere else on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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