Guerrilla Games’ new franchise has been in development for over two years

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Netherlands-based Guerrilla Games has become well-known for the studio’s PlayStation-exclusive Killzone series – a series that at one time was hailed as a ‘Halo killer’ as Microsoft’s ultra popular Xbox-exclusive franchise dominated the console shooter scene.

Having only ever created a single game based in a franchise other than Killzone with Shellshock: Nam ’67, however, and six Killzone games under its collective belt, the time for Guerrilla Games to work on a new intellectual property must surely be at hand.


Lo and behold, work on a new IP has indeed been on-going at Guerrilla Games for roughly two-and-a-half years, according to the studio’s executive producer Angie Smets.

In a video produced for the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan recently, and as a way to say hello to Guerrilla’s fans in the country, Sony and the team put together a video where members of the studio can be seen going about their everyday lives while working on Killzone: Shadow Fall, and then attempt a few Japanese phrases and greetings with waja inducing results – skip to about 2:20 to see Smets confirm the new IP at Guerrilla:

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Behind-the-scenes at Guerrilla Games

Sales of the PlayStation 4 in Japan have so far reached over 320 000 units (in the opening weekend alone), so it’ll be interesting to see sales of Killzone: Shadow Fall with this week’s Japanese sales charts.

Do you think we’ll see the announcement of Guerrilla Games’ latest franchise at E3 this year, or is there still a ways to go until we discover what the talented developers are up to in the Netherlands?

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