The Japanese PS4 Launch Has Begun: Gamers line up on the streets

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The rest of the world may have enjoyed the launch of the PlayStation 4 in November and December last year, but gamers in Japan are today on the verge their country’s launch festivities starting February 22nd as they line up on the streets in anticipation of picking up their consoles at midnight.


The PlayStation 4 is now available in Japan! Here’s how Sony’s launch event went down with game development luminaries, and photos of the very first person in Japan to buy a PS4 in the country:

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Source – Gizmodo

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PlayStation 4 – Japan Launch Trailer

Below, you’ll find a collection of photos taken from outside Japanese stores that will be opening their doors at midnight – did you line up for a PlayStation 4 ahead of launch last year?

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Source – xxxPrius on Twitter

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Source – Famitsu

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Source – 31Tron on Twitter


Source – Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter

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