Muramasa Rebirth’s 2nd DLC chapter “A Cause to Daikon For” out next week

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If you’re a fan of Vanillaware’s slick PS Vita action RPG Muramasa Rebirth then you may be interested to learn that a new DLC chapter entitled “Genroku Legends – A Cause to Daikon For” will be released on the PlayStation Network next week. This add-on content is out on February 25th in North America and February 26th in European territories, and should be priced around R35 if the first DLC chapter, Genroku Legends – Fishy Tales of the Nekomata, is anything to go by.

According to Aksys Games’ press release, A Cause to Daikon For puts players in the muddy shoes of a farmer named Gonbe who joins his fellow workers in mounting a rebellion against Governor Hatono whose heavy taxes have lead to widespread famine and poverty. Gonbe will utilise farming equipment such as hoes and bamboo sticks as he fights both new and familiar enemies while occasionally employing the services of his farmer allies and dead wife.

Here’s the Japanese trailer for this intriguing DLC chapter:

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