It Lives: Get DOOM beta access by pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order

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With the announcement of a concrete release date for Bethesda Softworks’ Wolfenstein: The New Order, the publisher has revealed that should you choose to pre-order Machine Games’ debut action title, you’ll gain access to an upcoming beta test for the next DOOM game from id Software.


While id Software and Bethesda have both admitted that the next entry to the DOOM series is in active development in interviews and at trade shows, this is the first time the pair have acknowledged and announced the game’s existence in an official capacity. News on what exactly the next DOOM game is, however, remains low on the ground, while a description of the beta is just as secretive.

The reveal of the Wolfenstein pre-order incentive was accompanied by a list of frequently asked questions to head off your queries at the pass, basically boiling down to asking pre-order owners to wait until further information on the DOOM beta is released – here’s the FAQ in full:

Q: I’ve just pre-ordered Wolfenstein, where’s my Doom beta key?

A: An insert will be included inside your boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order. This insert will include a key code along with code redemption instructions. Once the key code is redeemed, you’ll be registered to participate in the Doom beta once it begins. Check back at for updated information.

Q: How do I redeem my code?

A: Once you’ve received your boxed copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order, simply return to and follow the code redemption instructions located on the enclosed Doom beta insert. Once you enter your code you will be asked to provide a valid email address. We’ll contact you at a later date through the email address provided with further instructions on the Doom beta.

Q: Do I need to specify what platform I want to play the Doom beta?

A: Prior to the start of the Doom beta, you will be contacted at the email address provided during the code redemption process. At that time, we will provide additional information on timing, available options, and other important news and information. Beta timing and platform options are subject to Bethesda Softworks’ discretion.

Q: What is the Doom beta? How long will it last?

A: We will be providing more information on the specific content and duration of the beta test at a later time.

Q: When does the Doom beta start?

A: Although you’ll receive the Doom beta key code with your copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Doom beta won’t begin until a later, yet-to-be announced date. We will contact you with news and updates surrounding the start of the Doom beta via the email address provided during the key code redemption process.

Q: Will there be an Open Beta for Doom?

A: Timing and availability of future beta programs for Doom is to be determined. The only current way to ensure access is through pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order. We will be providing more information on additional beta tests, if any, at a later time.

Will you be taking advantage of the pre-order offer, or waiting until we get more information on what we’ll see in the DOOM beta? Is the offer of beta access with Wolfenstein a cause for concern?

Wolfenstein: The New Order is out on May 20th in North America and in Europe starting May 23rd, across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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