Brainteaser Thursday: Guess the Game Returns for February 20th

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The game about games has returned!

It’s been a long time since I challenged all you clever gamers out there, and with the release of the latest live-action PS Plus trailer (which you could have used to try and guess the games), I decided to bring back the fun of Guess the Game.

Here are this week’s brainteasers. Can you guess what the games are?

Game 1:

I had a discussion with my dad about some old RTS games and this one came out:


Game 2:

I just recently acquired this game. The whole idea behind the gameplay was really interesting to me:


Game 3:

This game is really fun. I didn’t do too well in a versus match against Smuroh, but we still had some fun:


Game 4:

With me moving into a new house recently, I discovered this classic reboot. I’ll be playing it on the weekend:


Bonus Round:

This has to be the first ever co-operative game I played until my thumbs couldn’t take it anymore (adjust that volume!):

So do you know any of these games? Have you played any of them before? Let us know and good luck!