Something Old, Something New: The Order: 1886 gets screenshot and concept art blast

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Sony and developer Ready at Dawn have today provided the world with its first ever look at the in-game action and visuals of The Order: 1886, the pair’s upcoming third-person action adventure game, and it’s looking rather spectacular.

To follow up that first act, we’ve received a blast of brand new screenshots and a batch of concept art that you may or may not have already seen – guaranteed, though, there’s something new in the mix for you to enjoy:

The Order: 1886 – Gameplay Reveal Screenshots

The Order: 1886 – Concept Art

After seeing the new trailer and the latest collection of screenshots for The Order: 1886, are you convinced that it’ll be worth getting a PlayStation 4 this year or are you still holding off until you see more exclusives from Sony?

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