Strider developers discuss their “dream game” in fascinating behind-the-scenes video

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Capcom and Double Helix’s collaboration is finally out this week starting February 18th in the form of Strider, a modern re-imagining of a classic 2D action platform game starring the multifaceted futuristic ninja, Strider Hiryu.

In the fascinating behind-the-scenes interview video below, members of the development team discuss Capcom and Double Helix’s relationship prior to the Strider project, how the concept of Strider and the main character have evolved over time while retaining his core traits, and how this project represented the “dream game” for some of the developers – sounds as though it was in good hands:

Strider – Behind the Scenes

Flip through El33tonline’s past Strider coverage for many more videos, along with a helping of screenshots and more details, and look forward to the game’s full release (and demo) on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this week.

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