Have you ever played as a stealthy goblin? Styx masters the shadows in debut trailer

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Have you ever snuck around darkened corridors and stealthily put down guards in a game while playing as a goblin? If not, then a new title from Cyanide Studios and Focus Home Interactive will give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for… or maybe the opportunity you didn’t know you wanted!


Described as a goblin anti-hero, the centuries-old Styx is a master assassin and thief (but only part-time), currently on a quest to climb the Tower of Akenash and find a few shiny, valuable objects to pilfer along the way.

On the way up the miles tall tower, Styx will also be forced to rely on his other skills including stealth and even murder before discovering ‘The Tree,’ a source of ‘Amber’ that the Humans and Elves have hidden somewhere in the immense structure.

Focus Home says that the levels in Styx: Master of Shadows are open, allowing you to choose how you wish to approach objectives on the way up the tower, which in turn lets you plan your strategies for stealth as you go. There will also be opportunities to improve the abilities of Styx with RPG skill unlocks, with new moves and weapons to discover, too, while special abilities granted with the use of Amber will let you disappear from sight and even confuse your enemies with clones of yourself.

Watch the debut trailer for Styx: Master of Shadows below and let us know if playing as a stealthy goblin has even been on your gaming to-do list:

Styx Master of Shadows – Debut Trailer

Styx: Master of Shadows is expected in 2014, with PC being confirmed as the game’s primary platform for now.



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