GTA Online Valentine’s Day event title update goes live with massive list of fixes

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Rockstar Games has announced that the promised Valentine’s Day special event and content for GTA Online is now available, all wrapped up in a tidy title update downloadable on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


In addition to the previously revealed vehicle, weapon and clothing options, a collection of new Jobs will also be available in the update, namely:

Shotgun Wedding (Team Deathmatch): The title says it all. Small-scale Deathmatch around the church in Paleto Bay that’s locked to shotguns. It’ll be a lot less bloody than divorce.

Property Values (Deathmatch): Forget about love, nothing’s going to break your heart like the price of real estate. Free for all Deathmatch on an unaffordable cul-de-sac near Mirror Park. Look out for the sniper on the grassy knoll.

Creek (Parachuting): Nothing says ‘I’m in love’ like throwing yourself out of a chopper with up to seven other idiots. A steep dive, almost skirting the side of the Raton Canyon, gliding into Cassidy Creek.

Vinewood Tours (Race): Who needs love when you’ve got booze in your belly and stars in your eyes? Lap race for cars and bikes taking in all the tourist sights of Vinewood and Rockford Hills.

Motorboating (Sea Race): A good motorboating is all anyone wants for Valentine’s Day. Take your love for a trip around buoys and over jumps to the North of Mount Gordo.

Heart Breaker (Bike Race): Make your feelings known by carving a love heart into the Grand Senora Desert. Hills and jumps in this mainly off-road lap race for bikes on a heart-shaped track.

In addition, the Rat Loader pickup truck will also return to GTA online (free until the next title update), while a bunch of fixes and updates are included with the latest patch, including:

– A player who kills a passive player must now pay their hospital bills
– The Mechanic has now been removed when delivering a Personal Vehicle. The vehicle is now created nearby instead.
– Added a new option to the Interaction Menu that lowers the attack priority against Friends.
– Solo players in Races now earn GTA$.
– Fix for incorrect time display on the Bad Sport pool timer
– Fix for several exploits that allowed duplication of vehicles
– Fix for several exploits that allowed too much RP during missions
– Fix for issues with Cornrows haircut
– Fix for issue causing characters to become bald after using a mask
– Fix for Story Mode issue where all shops could remain closed with their blips missing
– A new “Blow Kiss” Celebration has been added. Show some love.

And that’s just the short list – get the full list at Rockstar’s support site.

Source: GTA Newswire

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