Ubisoft and Sony planning full-length Rabbids feature film

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Not content with spinning off into a game franchise of their own and taking over televisions with the ‘Rabbids Invasion’ TV series, Ubisoft’s lovable Rabbids are headed to the big screen thanks to a partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time Screenshot 7

There’s a good chance you’ve played a Rabbids game in your gaming career, either when the furry, personality-filled and overly energetic creatures first made an appearance way back in 2006 in Rayman Raving Rabbids, or any of their later titles for Kinect, but the mischievous animals have since exploded into a range of merchandise while also appearing in ‘The Rabbids Time Machine,’ an attraction at France’s second-biggest theme park, Futuroscope, which Ubisoft says “drew big crowds and rave reviews on its opening weekend.”

The time is right, it seems, for the Rabbids to star in their own movie. President of Production for Columbia Pictures, Hannah Minghella, agrees saying of the creatures and their imminent feature film appearance:

“There is an infectious quality to the Rabbids. Their simple joy and absurd, anarchic behaviour inadvertently causes you to look at the world afresh. There’s no end to the comedy and chaos they will cause when they invade our theatres.”

Would you watch a feature film based on the antics of the crazed Rabbids?

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