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The last couple of weeks have brought a lot of Titanfall news, not least of which was the reveal of the game’s upcoming beta test on both PC and Xbox One, an excellent and candid behind-the-scenes developer interview, and yet another video interview chatting to Respawn Entertainment about the monumental challenge of creating the game. Also, the Xbox 360 version of the multiplayer-focussed first-person shooter has been delayed.

Following a recent press event, however, the world has learned a whole lot more about Titanfall and we would like to share just a few of the amazing gameplay videos emerging from the latest EA-hosted gathering put together by some of the outlets that attended what seemed to be a globe-trotting journey for the game:

Titanfall Gameplay – Hardpoint Domination on Angel City [Xbox One]

Titanfall Gameplay – Hardpoint Domination on Fracture [PC]

Titanfall – Comparison Gameplay – Xbox One vs PC (#1)

Titanfall – Comparison Gameplay – Xbox One vs PC (#2)

Titanfall – Comparison Gameplay – Xbox One vs PC (#3)

Titanfall – Comparison Gameplay – Xbox One vs PC (#4)

Titanfall – Ten Minutes of Gameplay

We’ve now also learned about Titanfall’s ‘Burn Cards,’ essentially extra abilities and perks that are earned while playing to improve your efficiency, as well as the ‘Smart Pistol,’ a handgun that automatically locks on to opponents to deliver a few quick rounds of fire to rapidly take down the popcorn AI enemies (and human enemies, if possible):

Titanfall Xbox One Multiplayer Gameplay – Burn Cards Explained

Titanfall Xbox One Weapons – Smart Pistol MK5 Gameplay

Titanfall is out on Xbox One and PC on March 11th in North America, March 13th in Europe and March 14th in the UK. The Xbox 360 version is out on March 25th in North America, and March 28th in the UK and Europe following a delay.

Have you waded through El33tonline’s already extensive current and continued coverage? You can find even more videos, screenshots and details. Also don’t miss El33tonline’s hands-on preview of Titanfall, as well as our impressions of the game from E3 2013.

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