Do you wanna’ find hell with me? Debut Evolve screens and trailer take us into the jungle

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Officially announced early in 2014, Evolve is the project that developer Turtle Rock (Left 4 Dead) has been working on for the last few years and was picked up by 2K Games following the collapse of THQ in 2013.


Evolve is a four-versus-one co-operative multiplayer game that pits a team of ‘Hunters’ against a solo player-controlled monstrosity that is stalking the surface and jungles of a planet that this away team is trying to clear of danger.

As the matches go on, the player controlling the monster will be able to improve – or ‘evolve’ – their creature both in terms of abilities and size, which naturally makes things a lot more difficult for the four-player team trying to take it down. It’s not just the story of Hunters against a monster, however, because there will be additional objectives per level to protect, destroy and complete to ensure things don’t end up being too one-sided.

From the looks of the screenshots and videos below, the four-player team will comprise a diverse set of classes that each need to play their role, namely Assault, Trapper, Support and Medic, while doing their utmost to whittle their target’s health down before it’s given a chance to evolve. Also from the looks of the media below, Evolve is looking incredibly detailed and a fair bit of fun to play:

Evolve – PS4 and Xbox One Trailer

Evolve – Debut Screenshots

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Evolve – All New Gameplay

Evolve is out in 2014 exclusively on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – do you have a hankering to give this co-operative game a go? Would you prefer playing as a member of the human team or as the giant creature instead?

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