South Africa hits No. 10 in International eSports Federation world rankings

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Mind Sports South Africa has today announced that South Africa’s professional gaming outfit has climbed its way into the top ten on the International eSports Federation global rankings for 2013.


Thanks to the efforts of the 2013 MWEB Protea eSports team that attended the 2013 IeSF World Championships, and despite not returning home with any medals at the tournament, South Africa was able to make its way into the top ten on the rankings, tied with Serbia at number nine on points, up from thirteenth in 2011 and eighteenth in 2012. In 2010, South Africa was unranked.

MSSA attributes this move up the rankings to South African players’ “character and strength” to “overcome the odds to rise up and demonstrate their worth.” Here’s the current global rankings according to the IeSF:

– 1.) Korea (321 points)
– 2.) Sweden (147 points)
– 3.) Russia (83 points)
– 4.) Netherlands (72 points)
– 5.) Finland (69 points)
– 6.) France (67 points)
– 7.) Romania (59 points)
– 8.) Canada (52 points)
– 9.) Serbia (43 points)
– 10.) South Africa (43 points)

As an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee, Mind Sport South Africa is “responsible for the good governance and promotion” of gaming in South Africa, including board games (including Backgammon, Diplomacy and Checkers), eSports (on PCs, consoles or mobile) and ‘historical figure games,’ like tabletop wargames.

Find out more about the MSSA at the organisation’s official website over here.

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