El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: The weather outside? Delightful.

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We’re once again only a half-day away from the official start of the latest edition of The Weekend, and members of El33tonline are getting ready for the next two days by putting their plans in writing. They’re not written in blood or anything (as far as I know…), and they’re certainly not legally binding, but this is what we expect we’ll be doing this weekend.

Once you’re done rifling through our plans, let us know what you expect to be busy with, too.

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“It’s been quite a busy week so I’m looking forward to putting my feet up as much as possible over the next two days and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. I plan to watch Leon Schuster in Mad Buddies, and the Ram Slam T20 final featuring our very own Dolphins is on Sunday.

I also hope to play some Broken Sword 5 over the break as well as delve deeper into the very intriguing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc on PS Vita.

The weather man is expecting sunshine in Durbs this weekend so hopefully there’ll also be some time spent in our majestic Indian Ocean soaking up some Vitamin D.

Keep safe and remember to always keep one eye open for those awesome ’33’ sightings some of you have been sending in this week!”



“There is a problem here, seems like there are two days missing. I know what it is, I’ve just been MIA as I was busy with moving into the new house. Ok, no need to panic anymore.

This weekend will mostly be sorting out the last bit of stuff for the new house and then I will relax with some gaming and movies. Might even test out the new pool, but the Xbox controller might get wet. Been one hectic week and so happy it is weekend. See you all on the Battlefield tonight for some Battlefield 4 and then tomorrow I might dig into episode 2 of Wolf Among Us and Burial at Sea Episode 1 in Bioshock Infinite.

Have a great w33kend p33ps and see you online. Go crazy and k33p it safe.”



“This weekend is going to be quite busy but a whole lot of fun. Hopefully get some BF4 in tonight, I am busy reviewing Dragonball Z on PS3 this weekend (which is a bit more complex that I originally thought).

There is also a 2nd hand board game sale happening at the local Unseen Shoppe, a birthday party and Piggly Wiggly time on Sunday. Woohoo!

Hope to see some of you either through the cross-hairs or in real life!”



“Would you believe it, it may be a germ-free weekend at the Johnston household! After having fought off the various bugs and infections, we all seem to be a solid lot and that means some quality family time (i.e. mom and dad chasing after the kids and cleaning up their messes). The M13 is closed for the weekend so I’m practically forced to stay at home so I sincerely hope to have some game time – I haven’t really touched my Xbox controller in about two weeks!

FTL still keeps me occupied most of the time but I would like to make a dent on my backlog at some stage – there are too many games to finish off! A slim possibility that I can get some catch-up time with my buddy Oltman too, as we attempt to tackle Dead Rising 2 co-op soon.”



“At the time of writing, Friday isn’t over yet so all I can do is hope I’ll get through to the end to enjoy the weekend to come. If I can get over that small hurdle, then I’m going to be continuing my high(er) definition journey in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, creeping through Outlast and, if there’s time to spare, getting into The Walking Dead Season 2 (still haven’t played it!) and the second episode of The Wolf Among Us.

Lots of games to play. More plans to make. Busy weekend ahead? Ahoy. I hope you all have a great time of it!”


What games will you be playing this weekend? Any other plans to keep yourself busy?