Reports of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’ short length are “false,” open-world is expansive

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Game Informer is a well-respected, well-liked magazine that has a lot of experience covering games in an exclusive capacity, and has in the past worked together with developers and publishers to officially announce some of the biggest games around.

In the most recent edition of Game Informer, the team had a look at the sprawling episodes of Metal Gear Solid V comprising Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain, the former of which was played through to completion. According to Game Informer, Ground Zeroes took only two hours to finish, and if an outlet as popular as the magazine makes such a claim, I would tend to believe it.

Assistant to project director Hideo Kojima, however, ‘Ayako,’ has spoken out on Twitter responding to taunts and questions from fans online – here’s Ayako:

and again:

Despite Ayako’s claims that the article is false and that we shouldn’t believe Game Informer, Kojima’s assistant then went on to post that she “[can’t] wait to prove the depth and quality of MGSVGZ,” and linked to Game Informer’s cover story post, which seems somewhat contradictory:

Hideo Kojima himself, meanwhile, waded into the discussion over the supposed length of Ground Zeroes on Twitter, too, but without confirming or denying how long it may take to complete the game, instead citing its open-world nature:

Since the news broke yesterday, many have tried to justify the game’s price by comparing the cost of the downloadable version of Ground Zeroes to other digital games (it’ll be available for $20 / £20 digitally on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360,and $30 / £30 as digital downloads on the new generation consoles), which some might say justifies the reported two hour completion time for the main mission.

Would you have a problem with buying an open-world game where you as the player are tasked with eking out as much time from the available areas, missions and side quests as possible, or are you the kind of player who stays close to the main storyline and would wrap up Ground Zeroes in one sitting?

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