Strider release date announced with new game modes and slick screenshots

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Announced back in July 2013 as a new collaboration between Capcom and Double Helix aiming to revive a classic side-scrolling action platformer series, Strider for Xbox, PlayStation and PC finally has a concrete release date and will become available starting February 18th on Xbox LIVE, the PlayStation Store and Steam for $14.99.

Capcom has also revealed two new challenge modes for Strider in addition to the Story Mode. Here’s what to expect:

Beacon Run:

Beacon Run is a ‘speed run’ race style mode that gives players a white-knuckled experience, challenging them to hit consecutive checkpoints while slicing through enemies, in the shortest amount of time.

Survival Mode:

Survival Mode tests player’s combat skills with a variety of different item and ability load outs, as waves of progressively difficult and diverse enemies converge on Strider Hiryu.

Strider will also sport online leaderboards to track your accomplishments in the challenge modes, as well as the Story Mode, while new unlockable constumes are also promised which uncover “the vestiges of Striders fallen in battle against Grand Master Meio’s evil empire.”

Here is a look at those new game modes in screenshot form:

Strider – New Game Modes Screenshots

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As side-scrolling action platformers go, Strider has quietly become one of the more exciting downloadable games available this year offering what looks to be a slick free-flow combat experience – give it a look in the gameplay trailer below:

Strider – Gameplay Trailer

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