Pokemon Bank is now available in North America

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The circle is now complete: After successfully launching in Japan and Asian regions, as well as Europe, Australia and New Zealand this month, Nintedo’s long-awaited online storage service for Pokemon players, Pokemon Bank, is now finally available in North America, too.


Pokemon Bank, an annual subscription storage service that allows Pokemon players to store up to 3000 of their collected Pokemon online to swap and retrieve as they wish, was originally due for release in late December 2013, but was delayed due to spikes in traffic on the Nintendo Network.

After a lengthy period of testing and monitoring of the network, Pokemon Bank is now available in all regions as a download on the eShop, and once the month-long trial is over it will cost $4.99 / £4.49 / €4.99 per year to continue to store your Pokemon online.

Have you tried the Pokemon Bank service yet?

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