Fable Anniversary dev diary discusses a legend ten years in the making

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You may have already played the original Fable back in 2004 on Xbox, or perhaps Fable: The Lost Chapters on PC, but now ten years later Lionhead Studios is finally ready to unveil the remake of this classic RPG, where choice and consequence aren’t just empty promises on the back of a box, but gameplay features as much as elements that shape your own unique story.

As the Fable series grew in popularity and scope, Lionhead has continued to improve the RPG experience but the core of the first game is still very valuable, so with the release of Fable Anniversary this week around the world on Xbox 360, if you didn’t ever get a chance to play the original game you’ll finally be able to see where the franchise began and witness its promise in its most raw, pure form.

Still no seeds to plant and trees to grow, but still an important game – watch below as developers at Lionhead Studios discuss the old, the new, and what’s been improved and polished up for Fable Anniversary compared to the original decade-old title:

Fable Anniversary – Developer Diary

Are you going to give Fable Anniversary a try this week? It’s already out in North America, but releases on February 7th (this Friday) everywhere else.

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