Report: Borderlands 2 ships over 8 million units, new content promised for 2014

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Borderlands 2 players the world over would already know what others do not: Playing online with three other Vault Hunters co-operatively makes for one of the most outrageously fun experiences around!

According to a recent investor call, 2K Games has revealed that 8.5 million units of Borderlands 2 have been shipped to retailers around the world meaning that millions more will discover the game over the coming months.

Having already been re-released as a Game of the Year edition, and soon to be released on PS Vita and in a North American bundle (with Dishonored), it seems as though even more players will be enjoying the raucous open-world first-person shooter soon, too.

In addition, and according to a report at IGN, fresh content for Borderlands 2 was also confirmed for 2014 but this will most probably take the form of new events and Headhunter Packs… but we can always dream for more campaign downloadable content.

How many hours have you dedicated to your progress in Borderlands 2?

Source: IGN

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