El33t’s Question of the Day: Who should Nintendo merge with? Who should buy the company?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Every day is seems as though we hear more and more about Nintendo’s investor call last week

After learning that the company is exploring the promotion of its games on mobile, its intentions to get further into software related to health and well-being, a move to begin licensing out its characters to partners that make sense, and a platform of some description to marry both home and handheld gaming, we also learned that Nintendo is open to the possibility of a merger with another company, or even an outright acquisition.

Whether or not this line of talk was simply to please and placate investors, telling them what they want to hear so their confidence will return, it is an interesting prospect.

While an outright acquisition by another company (many have suggested Apple or Disney buy Nintendo) would be difficult as Nintendo still has over $8 billion in the bank, debt free, a merger would be more acceptable to Nintendo and its proud heritage… but the question is, who?

If the time ever came, which company should Nintendo merge with? If worse came to worst, who should buy Nintendo? Which companies would make sense to partner with The Big N?

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