Aksys Games bringing Mind Zero to PS Vita this Spring

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Mind Zero was one of last year’s Japanese PS Vita releases which many fans in the West expressed interest in due to its similarities to the ever-popular Persona series. Now Aksys Games has announced that this dungeon-crawler RPG will be released in North America and European territories this Spring for $39.99. Besides the obligatory digital version, the game will also be available at retail in the US.

According to Aksys’ press release, Mind Zero revolves around a high school student named Kei whose life is forever altered when he forms a contract with a powerful weapon known as a ‘Mind’ who lends him its strength and abilities.

The game combines a visual novel presentation with first-person dungeon crawling and third-person turn-based battles which bear a strong resemblance to those seen in Persona 3 and 4.

Here’s a Japanese trailer for Mind Zero showing how these different elements are blended together in this upcoming PS Vita exclusive:

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