El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Fending off flu and fighting for fun

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The clock is ticking towards a very special time of the week, and once the ticks of Friday have tocked their last, we can guaranteed you’ll find yourself in the loving embrace of Saturday and its cute and cuddly counterpart, Sunday – aww, just look at that button nose!

How do you intend spending your time over the next two days? Members of El33tonline know what they’ll be doing, as you’ll find out below, but be sure to let us know what plans you have up your sleeves, too.

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“Ok, so here I am at work, bored but with so much work to do (does that happen to anyone else?). So I thought I’d pre-empt Oliver and get my pre-weekend post in early.

Friday night I will be playing BF4 – yes, Poitjie and Erick finally twisted my arm and I purchased it. Was fun last week and I am hoping to get some more practice in.

Saturday and Sunday I am bowling in a Tenpin Bowling Tournament in Amanzimtoti. Back into my bowling and it really is awesome. Toti sure is a long way away though but… soon the Pavilion centre should be restored.

I also have kids this weekend. Can’t wait to spend some time with the guys – their lives are so busy and so much happens whilst I am at work. Trying to teach them Settlers of Catan and the eldest likes it but the younger guy gets so bored he starts sticking the settlements up his nose. That’s just “snot” on. Haha.

Ok, have a good one awesome people.”



“I just can’t believe it is w33kend already. Been one hectic week. But let’s have a look what I am going to be doing….

Well tonight I am helping out at a Youth Stay Awake evening, will have two Xbox 360’s setup, so will play some games when I get the chance.

This is also the last w33kend in the current house, we will be moving in just 5 days. So excited. So might get some gaming in. Will have a look at Minecraft PS3 Edition and some Halo: Spartan Assault that released today for Xbox 360.

Other than that, I will be packing and trying to get rid of this silly flu virus I have. Enjoy the w33kend and have super fun.”



“You know you’re getting old and stuff when you are booked off work for four days and you haven’t even touched a game controller the whole time you’re off. It seems that sickness my family was afflicted with last week caught up with me and I spent the entire weekend and Monday to Thursday at home feeling sorry for myself.

The most agonising part of it has been watching my Xbox beckon for me but not being able to reach out and play because as a parent, I have something called “responsibilities” so in between my blacking out into fever-induced delusional coma’s I had to keep a dreary eye on my kidlings.

Thankfully I am much better now and I have a backlog of lost hours to make up so I intend to (nay, I shall) play some Xbox this weekend! Perhaps some Guardian of Light with my wife? Perhaps I’ll wrap up Final Exam? More FTL… not entirely sure yet but you can be certain I will make up for some lost time!”

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“It seems like those around me are all going down with flu at the moment so what I get up to this weekend will very much depend on how my wife is feeling over the next two days. I hope to get down to the beach at some point as well as sail the virtual ocean of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in my quest to complete the game.

I’m looking forward to the rugby season getting underway but in the meantime there’s some domestic 20-overs cricket to keep me entertained.

Have an awesome break p33ps!”



“I was almost to the end of the week without a new game to play when I had the opportunity to give Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition a whirl this weekend, and seeing as though the original version was one of my favourite games of 2013 there wasn’t a chance I was going to pass it up!

This weekend will mostly be about chillin’, relaxin’, and tomb raidin’, but I’m also going to be on the look out for a magical number, and you might want to keep your eyes peeled, too, and snap the moment for posterity.

I hope you all have a great weekend!”


So what are you up to this weekend? Any big plans, or do you intend staying indoors and taking a break from the world with some good old fashioned videogames?