Report: “Ditch your PS3” and get an Xbox One, says Microsoft

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According to email recipients posting on NeoGAF, and a now pulled offer and image on the official Microsoft Store, Microsoft is offering $100 of in-store credit to go towards the purchase of an Xbox One should customers trade in their PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

The advertisement looks like this:


The offer is apparently valid until February 28th in the US and Canada, subject to certain terms and conditions.

It’s a peculiar offer, not only because it seems like a desperate move on Microsoft’s part – something that we would expect perhaps a year from now if the Xbox One is deemed to be in trouble later down the line – but also because PS3 owners would probably be able to get in excess of $100 if they were to sell their consoles privately.

Would you trade in your PS3 or Xbox 360 for credit to go towards an Xbox One?

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