Frenzied Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare trailer reveals split-screen, Boss Mode on Xbox One

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We’re only a month away from the launch of Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare in late February, and EA and Popcap Games are only too happy to continue to delight would-be players with a stream of gameplay demonstration videos on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 to showcase the frenzied co-operative shooter action.

This latest showcase trailer gives us a look at the split-screen feature of Garden Warfare, this time on Xbox One, with an additional peek at the game’s ‘Boss Mode’ using a tablet device to add an extra twist to how the action plays out.

It’s still looking colourful. It’s still looking zany. And it’s still looking like a great time – watch below:

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – Split Screen Gameplay and Boss Mode

Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare is out on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in North America on February 25th, and across Europe starting February 27th – get up to speed on this unique team-based third-person shooter with El33tonline’s previous coverage, and read our E3 2013 preview for more details.

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