El33t’s Question of the Day: Which games do you play that you wouldn’t want your family to see?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

There are guilty pleasure games that we all play that we would probably not want our gaming friends to see us enjoy – games surrounded in a general consensus that says that they’re not particularly good, but we have fun with them anyway.

What about games that you would be embarrassed to let your family see you play? Which games have you played, and continue to play, that you wouldn’t want your family to see?

If any of my family ever saw me playing Grand Theft Auto V or Saints Row, I would be a little more than uncomfortable if they were to sit in and watch over my shoulder for more than five minutes… but that’s just me.

Are there games you’re worried about your family seeing you play, or are your parents, siblings and extended family members accepting of more questionable content in videogames?

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