Report: PSone/PS2 emulation headed to PS4 with possible visual enhancements

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Being able to play your old PlayStation games from previous generations on Sony’s most recent home console was the norm until shortly after the PS3’s release when PS2 backwards compatibility was removed from newly manufactured models. Sony then added software emulation for PS2 digital titles many years later, and the recently released PS4 cannot currently play PSone, PS2 or PS3 games.

The platform holder intends to bring some of the most popular PS3 titles to PS4 via its streaming service PlayStation Now, but PSone and PS2 games will be playable on the new system via local software emulation according to a “well-placed source” working with the cloud-based service who shared this information with Eurogamer.

According to the source, Sony is attempting to create an emulator for PS4 that would upgrade a PSone or PS2 game’s visuals to an HD resolution in a similar manner to unofficial emulators available on PC. This would be a far more attractive solution than the blurry upscaling currently found on PS3, and would save publishers the effort of creating HD remasters in order to achieve a similar visual effect.

Would you be keen to play some classic PSone and PS2 titles on your PS4 if they ran at native HD resolution? Let us know in the comments.

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