Minecraft: PS3 Edition hits 1 million units, Xbox 360 Edition soars

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The ultra successful block-based world building game, Minecraft, continues to find audiences on new platforms as developer Mojang recently announced the game had surpassed one million units sold on PlayStation 3.


The downloadable Minecraft: PS3 Edition hit the milestone earlier this month – just weeks after launch on December 17th.

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, meanwhile, hit the same milestone days after launch on Xbox LIVE, and has gone on to sell a whopping 10 million units, while combined sales on both PC and Mac have reached almost 14 million (probably even more by now). In addition, the mobile version of Minecraft has sold over 10 million units, too. PlayStation 4 and Xbox one versions of the game are also planned.

That’s a lot of digital blocks.

Have you been caught up in the Minecraft craze? Which platform/s do you play on and how long have you been invested in Mojang’s amazing world?

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