Microsoft is teasing a new game reveal tomorrow, but what could it be?

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[Update No. 2]

Microsoft has revealed the news to be the acquisition of the Gears of War franchise from series creator Epic Games, with Black Tusk Studios and Gears of War veteran Rod Fergusson taking on development duties.

More detail over here.

Ruffian Games’ announcement, on the other hand, was the reveal of a new project in collaboration with the Square Enix Collective – we’ll have more news on that soon.

[End of Update No. 2]

[Update No. 1]

What have Crackdown 2 developers, Ruffian Games, got to say about a potential game announcement coming soon?

Very interesting…

[End of Update No. 1]


Microsoft is teasing a “games announce” of some kind for tomorrow, January 28th, with both Xbox boss Phil Spencer and Xbox frontman Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb hinting that something exciting is on the cards.

Spencer set the speculation ball in motion tweeting earlier this morning:

Major Nelson picked it up and kicked it forward with a tweet of his own, writing:

These exciting tweets leave us only with questions about what Microsoft could possibly have to reveal so early in the year. It’s most certainly a new Xbox One game, but could it be the official unveiling of this year’s Halo? Perhaps a look at what the newly formed Black Tusk development studio is working on? Crackdown 3?

Let us know what Microsoft could be planning to reveal tomorrow – set those minds to speculate!