El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: In sickness and in health, in games and in warmth

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It’s just about time for the weekend to begin (give or take a dozen hours), so it’s prime time to start making some plans to keep yourself relaxed, busy and productive – not all mutually exclusive, you’ll agree.

What are members of El33tonline up to over the next two days? Let’s take a look-see, but also be sure to let us know what you’ve got planned for the weekend in the comments below!

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“So happy it is w33kend again. Had one epic week. All things weere running smoothly, but then Wednesday happened. My poor PC has come to an end. Really sad moment for me.

But anyway, today is Battlefield Friday and I will be playing like there is no tomorrow. Then Saturday I am going down the coast for a beach wedding, so that is going to be really fun.

Sunday is just going to be a relaxing drive back with some fun with the family. Have a awesome w33kend p33ps and enjoy every moment.

See you online, maybe.”



“It seems that a new year means new sicknesses for my kids. What started off as a hopeful penultimate week of January has ended up being a week of sleepless nights and wailing kids with weird spotty rashes. At least it’s not the pox, I guess.

Anyway, things hopefully will start to improve this weekend but I have very little time for R&R when I am looking after both kids (mom is working to earn money to pay for the nappies … not mine, my kids’ nappies).

By the time the evening arrives I may just have enough energy in me to play FTL and get closer to unlocking everything. I’m actually getting rather good at playing once-through with a ship on NORMAL difficulty and finishing. Note to those rookies though – an Artillery Beam does not play nice with a Transporter Pod…”



“So, after the whirlwind that was the Christmas holidays things are starting to settle down. Kids are back at school, I am back at work and we’re all back in our routines. Sort of.

This weekend is my youngest’s 6th birthday party so that will be fun. Cupcakes and fun times are always good.

Raptr told me that my games were missing me and, to be honest, I haven’t been in the gaming mood for a while. However, I’m starting to feel the bug again with Fifa14 buzzing the loudest. I do want to start investigating the XCom franchise though – sounds like my kinda games.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend – I know I will.”



“It looks like it’s going to be another hot one in Durbs this weekend so I hope to go for a swim in both chlorinated and salt water over the next couple of days. I also have a braai scheduled for Sunday lunchtime so I think I’m going to need to dunk my head in a bucket of cold water every so often to offset the heat coming from dual sources.

I might play some Dishonored this weekend and will definitely be grinding it up in OlliOlli on PS Vita.

Take it easy p33ps!”



“If there’s one game I’ll be playing this weekend, it’ll be DmC. It’s been a year since its release (amazingly) and I’ve still only played thirty minutes of it? For shame.

There is work to be done this weekend, too, and you’ll be hearing more about El33tonline’s plans for the future in the coming weeks so I hope you’ll look forward to a few neat things soon.

Have a good weekend, all!”


What are you all up to this weekend? Any games in particular you’re keen to get stuck into and complete? Any epic RPGs you’ll be grinding through?