Latest Xbox Games Store sale discounts Call of Duty: Ghosts, Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Microsoft has outlined the latest discounts to descend on the Xbox Games Store, with a number of Xbox 360 titles including Final Fantasy XIII-2, The Witcher 2 and Dark Souls selling for a fraction of their usual price. You’ll need to have a Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to enjoy most of these discounts, although Splinter Cell: Conviction is available to all XBL users for just R64.50.

All the deals listed below are valid until January 27th:

• Dark Souls – $4.99/£3.74 (75% off, Gold exclusive)
• Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara – R52.47/$4.94/£3.29 (67% off, Gold exclusive)
• Tales of Vesperia – $4.94/£6.59 (67% off, Gold exclusive)
• Final Fantasy XIII-2 – R55.77/$6.59/£4.94 (67% off, Gold exclusive)
• The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – R65.67/$9.89/£4.94 (67% off, Gold exclusive)
• Call of Duty: Ghosts – R535.33/$39.99/£33.49 (33% off, Gold exclusive)
• Splinter Cell: Conviction – R64.50

Source: Major Nelson’s Blog

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