Have you run into the PS4 save corruption error? Reports have begun to increase [Update]

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Sony has responded to queries regarding the PS4 ‘ce-34878-0’ error, as a representative wrote (from VG247):

“We are aware of the cases and we appreciate your patience while we investigate.”

In addition, Sony has posted an official fix for the issues, writing (from OPM):

Error: CE-34878-0 Application has crashed

– Step 1: Close the application, install the latest system software and game update, and restart the system.
– Step 2: If the error occurs again, back up your saved data, and then go to [Settings] > [Initialization] and choose [Initialize PS4].

Let us know if you’ve been having problems and if the above steps work for you.

[End of Update]

Have you run into the mysterious ‘ce-34878-0 Error’ on your PlayStation 4?

Reports of the error have become increasingly prevalent lately but there’s still no consensus on what is causing the error, which users on the official PlayStation forum are saying is corrupting their save files for games, rendering them unplayable.


Some users are reporting that save files for games as different as Assassin’s Creed IV, NBA 2K14, Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 have become corrupted, which means that it’s not publisher or even game specific. As quickly as users advise others on possible fixes for the problem – everything from disconnecting from the internet, to deleting and reinstalling games, to getting a new PS4 – others report that the fixes don’t work for them.

The thread on the official forums is now at thirty-six pages long with 352 messages, but as the reports of this error increase there is still no word from Sony on a possible fix or recognition of the error.

Have you run into this peculiar error while playing PS4 games?