There is a 13GB patch for Dead Rising 3 – what does it do?

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What’s the biggest patch you’ve ever downloaded for a game? We’re going to wager it was rather large and numbering in the multiple gigabytes, but have you ever downloaded an update that was a whopping 13GB?

Dead Rising 3 E3 Banner

If you’re a regular Dead Rising 3 player then this is the reality you’ll face the next time you boot up the game. The news was revealed by Xbox studio manager, Mike Ybarra, on Twitter:

When asked if this update would take a chunk out of the Xbox One’s hard-drive, Ybarra wrote:

It’s not been confirmed what exactly the update is for, but it is believed to be getting players ready for Dead Rising 3’s upcoming downloadable content, with reports doing the rounds that this patch is only for the first of the four add-ons due for release.

A user on NeoGAF posted a photo of the Dead Rising 3 update screen to confirm the file size:


So the question remains: What is the biggest update you’ve ever had to download for a game? Do you think this massive Dead Rising 3 patch is a sign of things to come for new generation consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

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