Fresh white ‘blood’ appears in fresh and intense Alien: Isolation screenshots

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Now that we’ve all got over the fact that there is another Alien game in production under the SEGA banner (or maybe you haven’t got over it yet?), and following the game’s official announcement with debut screenshots and a lot of atmospheric in-game footage, we’ve received another new batch of images that take us through eerie scenes aboard the remote trading post, the Sevastopol, and the game’s main setting out in space.

In the screenshots you’ll get a few close-ups of the Sevastopol interior, along with even closer looks at the main (and only?) Xenomorph enemy on the station, as well as a peek at what looks like Alien: Isolation’s crafting mechanic which will be your primary method of putting together tools with which to defend yourself and distract threats to make stealthy escapes.

And is that a Synthetic (AKA an android) lying in a heap with white ‘blood’ spurted all over the floor? Sure looks like it:

Alien: Isolation – January Screenshots

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Alien: Isolation is out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in late 2014 – keep your eyes on El33tonline’s previous and continued coverage of the first-person horror action adventure game for more.

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