The El33tonline Friday News Wrap for January 17th, 2014

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Catch up on today’s headlines with our latest news round-up below!

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A Special El33tonline Announcement:

- Introducing the El33tonline Android app, a new way to keep up with the games you love (Read More)

The Biggest News of the Week:

- EA announces SimCity Offline singleplayer mode as a free downloadable add-on (Read More)

- Beyond: Two Souls sales topped 1 million in 2013 (Read More)

- DayZ alpha hits 1 million units sold, indie games are ‘big business,’ says Dean Hall (Read More)

- Pro gaming in South Africa “isn’t a sustainable career” – Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha retires (Read More)

- The South African game development industry is bigger than you think – amazing stats for 2013 revealed (Read More)

- H33rsay: Watch Dogs to launch in March 2014, according to OXM (Read More)

- First exciting details on Hitman for PS4 and Xbox One revealed, no more “magic pockets” (Read More)

- Want to play Titanfall before launch? Apply for the Alpha test on Xbox One and you just might (Read More)


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- The Best and The Worst on Friday: January 17th Edition (Read More)

- El33t’s Question of the Day: What is the last DLC you decided to buy? (Read More)

- El33t’s Question of the Day: How much power do gamers really have over publishers? (Read More)

- El33t’s Question of the Day: Has a game ever affected your dreams? (Read More)

- El33t’s Question of the Day: Do custom controllers click or clash with your gaming setup? (Read More)

Today’s News:

- US Sales Totals for 2013: 3DS becomes best-selling console, GTA V is the highest selling game (Read More)

- December 2013 NPD: Xbox One and Xbox 360 outsell the competition as Call of Duty claims No. 1 (Read More)

- December 2013 NPD: Sony responds claiming ‘cumulative sales’ leadership (Read More)

- December 2013 NPD: Microsoft responds touting top-selling home console status (Read More)

- Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time mini-game compilation Bentley’s Hackpack now available on iOS and Android (Read More)

- 2K Games and Bethesda, Sitting in a Tree: Two special game bundles announced (Read More)

- Sherlock Holmes developer reveals Call of Cthulhu for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Read More)

- Sony to announce DriveClub release date “shortly” (Read More)

- 2014 DICE Awards nominees list led by The Last of Us, GTA V (Read More)

- Ubisoft to bring a new Tetris game to Xbox One and PS4 (Read More)

- European Nintendo eShop Update for January 16th: Dr. Luigi, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (Read More)

- Latest Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360 patch brings competitive play restrictions, features (Read More)

Trailers and Screenshots:

- Screenshots: EA Sports UFC roster boosted with more fighters, fresh screens showcase their mugs (Read More)

- Screenshots: New Thief screenshots skulk out of the shadows (Read More)

- Screenshots: New Dark Souls II screens and character art step into the light (Read More)

- Concept Art: Glorious Dragon Age: Inquisition concept art collection released (Read More)

Our Sources Tell Us…

- Iwata says he won’t resign in wake of Nintendo‘s third consecutive annual loss (Polygon)

- Valve VR prototype won’t be coming to market, company to collaborate with Oculus Rift (VG247)

- Klei Entertainment’s Incognita renamed Invisible, Inc. (Polygon)

- Let’s talk Titanfall: Respawn on Xbox One development and cloud AI (OXM)

- Rebuilding After the Flood (Hello Games’ Blog)

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