The Best and The Worst on Friday: January 17th Edition

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that gamers are fans of hyperbole and it’s sometimes difficult to get through a conversation without something being labelled ‘The Best Thing Ever,’ or on the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘The Worst Thing Ever.’

This isn’t an outright condemnation, it’s merely a phenomenon that naturally occurs as a result of the gaming community’s uncontrollable passion and excitement for everything and anything, which is admirable.

The Best and The Worst?

So with an air of experimentation and in the hopes of harvesting some of that passion, I would like to ask you: What is ‘The Best‘ and ‘The Worst‘ thing of the week for you?

Maybe you had a great week at work, or finally managed to top the leaderboards in your favourite game, or got a surprise gift, or found out about something exciting on the horizon? Perhaps your car broke down, or your console has stopped working, or you had to go to the doctor, or you’ve been too busy to get a game of anything all week?

Share and Share Alike

Share your triumphs and excitement to inspire others, and let us know if something got you down, too. There’s only one rule here: If you provide a ‘Best,’ you need to provide a ‘Worst,’ as well (and vice versa).

What is ‘The Best‘ and ‘The Worst‘ thing of the week?