Sony to announce DriveClub release date “shortly”

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Ever since DriveClub was delayed last October there’s been plenty of speculation regarding when exactly the game would be released during the “early 2014” window Sony reallocated this PS4 exclusive to. For a long time the official PlayStation Japan website listed DriveClub’s release date as February 22nd – the same day the PS4 is due to launch in the territory, and then earlier this month the ESRB rated the game suggesting that its release isn’t too far off.

Now Sony has announced that DriveClub will miss the PS4’s Japanese launch and the game’s release date has consequentially been changed to ‘TBD’ on the PlayStation Japan website. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that DriveClub won’t be released before February 22nd in the West since localising it into Japanese is bound to take a few extra weeks.

Furthermore, Sony issued the following statement to IGN when asked about the game’s status:

“The team at Evolution Studios are working hard to bring Driveclub, a truly next gen driving experience to PS4 and we will announce the release date shortly. We’re really excited about how Driveclub is progressing and thank you for your patience.”

The big question now is how soon is “shortly”? We’ll let you know as soon as Sony resolves this conundrum.

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