El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: The Return!

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We’re already a couple weeks into the New Year so it’s high time we started talking about those hazy, crazy weekend days of Summer once again!

A few members of El33tonline discuss their plans for the next two days, but what we’re most interested in is finding out what you’ll be busy with this weekend – any plans for games to be played, movies to be watched, friends to be visited and relaxation to be had? Let us know!

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“We’re back, from Cyberspace… anyway, it is the W33kend again. I am so happy I can cry.

Tonight it is all about Battlefield Friday and with the new patch, to see what has been improved and see if my kill count will grow. Tomorrow I will go for a nice long run in the morning (anyone can join me if they want) and then I will be packing up more boxes for our move in a couple of weeks. Then I will fill out the rest of the w33kend with some Far Cry 3 and maybe some Dead Space 3 co-op. There will also be some family time to enjoy.

Have a good one and see you all online.”



“If the sunny weather Durbs is currently enjoying holds out then I’ll be at the beach tomorrow floating in the tranquil waters of Umdloti’s natural tidal pool. Other than that, I hope to finish the original Broken Sword on iPad and wrap up the audiobook version of The Wolf of Wall Street which is approximately seven times longer than the movie…

I hope everyone has eased into the new year by now, and that 2014 holds the key to your continued or future success!”



“Brace yourselves people, it’s 49 weeks until Christmas! Get yourselves ready!

I’m back in the full swing of things at work – filling the post of a retired colleague too so I am quite busy at the moment… only have time to squeeze in a bit of FTL here and there in anticipation of the iPad release! Managed to unlock two ships in one session and finished the game on Normal so I’m on a roll!

My poor (old) dog is really sick which is depressing enough to not inspire me to want to play any computer games this weekend so I will be spending the weekend visiting him at my mom’s – he was a 21st birthday present from my (now wife, then) girlfriend and he’s been a special mutt since I reared him as a pup. It’s always sad when our pets get old and sick.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the luverly weather!”



“With the Summer heat truly dialling up here in Durban (with the blazing Summer Sun and bright blue Summer Skies not far behind), it would be a crime not to soak up some rays and spend some time enjoying those great outdoors, so I don’t intend to get on the wrong side of the Summer Law this weekend.

I still haven’t got around to playing the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2, though, and my Resogun high scores could use a little attention this weekend, too, so those will keep me occupied in-between rounds of Battlefield 4 and DmC.

Hope you have a terrific weekend, everybody!”

Your turn! What are your plans for the weekend?