Unity 4.3 game engine now available on PS Vita

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Unity Technologies has announced that the latest version of its popular cross-platform game engine Unity is now available to licensed PS Vita developers. Unity 4.3 includes built-in support for all the platform-specific features of the handheld including its motion sensors, front and rear cameras, dual analog sticks and rear touch pad. Developers will also be able to integrate PSN features such as Trophies and matchmaking into their games via Unity 4.3.

This announcement paves the way for studios to easily port PS Vita games to all the other platforms supported by Unity (and vice versa) without having to rewrite code from scratch, and it also means that development time can be shortened thanks to the Unity engine’s ability to run directly on a PS Vita devkit.

Previously released PS Vita titles built using the Unity engine include Escape Plan and Stick It to The Man, and we can expect to see many more in the future thanks to a “strategic partnership” struck up between Unity Technologies and Sony in March last year which seeks to bring the engine to every current PlayStation platform.

Source: Unity Blog

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