The South African game development industry is bigger than you think – amazing stats for 2013 revealed

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As evidenced by the talent on display at rAge 2013 with no less than fourteen South African game development outfits showcasing their games to the public, the local industry has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few short years.


To demonstrate just how far the South African game dev community has come, Ben Myres, the self-titled ‘Social Media Mouthpiece’ for local development association Make Games SA, has put together an amazing list of statistics and facts about the creators that are pushing this industry forward in the country.

Did you know that there were no less than five locally developed games that made it through the Steam Greenlight process in 2013, with two successfully making it through the Kickstarter programme?

Did you know that there were a whopping eighteen South African made games released in 2013 across mobile and PC platforms?

Local is Big Overseas, Too

International support for South African games has been incredible with ten locally produced titles invited to be showcased at events around the world, including Minecon, Rezzed, the important Games For Change Festival and A MAZE. 2014 and beyond is already looking fantastic, too, with an additional fourteen games in active development.

Did you think the South African game development industry was small, or even non-existent? It’s anything but, with a vibrant and growing community of developers passionate about making games that they love and experiences that you’ll enjoy, too.

Get the full list of facts for game development in South Africa over the course of 2013 over here with Ben Myres’ excellent round-up and look forward to what the local industry has in store for you right now and in the future.

As always, if you’re living in South Africa and interested in developing games, get yourself over to the Make Games SA community and get invested – they’re very friendly and always willing to help a fellow dev in need!

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