H33rsay: Watch Dogs to launch in March 2014, according to OXM

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OK, you’re going to have to really want to believe in this one because it’s tenuous at best, but Watch Dogs information has leaked in promotional materials before, and Ubisoft dates have appeared magazine pages ahead of announcements…

… so it might just be that the latest edition of the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) has revealed that Ubisoft’s next open-world action game will be out in March this year, following its disappointing delay from November 2013 into 2014.

Here’s the visual evidence – a scan from the pages of OXM:


As far as Ubisoft is concerned, it would make sense to make sure the publisher has at least one more big multiplaform blockbuster release in March ahead of the company’s annual financial reports to investors to help boost the numbers.

Do you think we’ll see Watch Dogs in March 2014? Or will Ubisoft continue to ensure the development team has all the time it needs to make the game everything it can be?

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