El33t’s Question of the Day: Do custom controllers click or clash with your gaming setup?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Custom designed controllers and consoles are a great way for fans to fly their flag for the games they love, and when a game’s developers work closely with the hardware manufacturers you usually end up with something you would be proud to place in your collection.

The last piece of custom kit I personally found alluring was the Tomb Raider controller because it looked as though a lot of care had gone into its design. What was the last custom hardware you fancied?

Yesterday, Microsoft (along with Respawn Entertainment and EA) announced a custom Titanfall controller, which looks a little something like this:


The question is, is this controller appealing to you and would you proudly put it on display in your living room? Or do you think it would stand out too much and instead relegate it to a collection?

Do you actively seek out and buy custom controllers and consoles for use in a collection, or do you use them every time you play?

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