New inFamous: Second Son screens and concept art released

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Despite inFamous: Second Son being only two months away it’s fair to say that we’ve only seen a small fraction of what this visually impressive PS4 title has to offer. Last week we were treated to ten minutes of off-screen demo footage from CES 2014 and over the past few days the official Twitter account of developer Sucker Punch Productions has been teasing us further with three new screens and a piece of concept art for the game.

One of the things developers seem excited for as they get more familiar with new-gen hardware is the ability to create more believable worlds thanks to graphical elements such as dynamic puddles and real-time reflections on wet surfaces. The first new inFamous: Second Son screenshot is a great example of these reasonably recent technical advances, while the second image shows some complex particle systems at work. Take a look below:





inFamous: Second Son is due out on March 21st worldwide. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this spectacular open-world action title, which includes Oliver’s preview from E3 2013 and my preview from gamescom 2013.

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