El33t’s Question of the Day: Which older games do you most want to stream and play on PS4 and Xbox One?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Sony recently announced PlayStation Now, a game streaming service that will eventually allow PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners to play previous generations of PlayStation games on current systems, while Microsoft has hinted that a similar service for Xbox One might be announced at E3 2014 in June.

Nintendo, meanwhile, seems to still be committed to providing its own backwards compatibility solution by releasing older Nintendo games on 3DS and Wii U on the eShop.

Which classic PlayStation and Xbox games from any generation of the consoles would you most like to stream and play in the future on new generation consoles? Would you be up to play Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid again, and would you dip into original Xbox titles like the first Fable, Halo and Halo 2?

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